Make Catering Your Next Event Simple

Depend on us for catering services in Chicago, IL or Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids, MI

Serving a large group of people can be difficult. You may not know how to meet everyone's preferences and dietary needs. When you want to make catering easy on you, turn to Load a Spud in Chicago, IL or Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids, MI. Our event catering options depend on the size of your order, but we're always glad to meet your needs. We'll deliver your food to your location and can even provide same-day catering. If you need catering on a Sunday, please call in advance.

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Serving all your guests

No matter how different your guests' taste buds are, we'll give them options they'll love. With our catering services, you can:

  • Feed your entire office
  • Get dinner for all your party guests
  • Enjoy a delicious night-in with family

Our a la carte serving style means your guests can pick and choose the toppings they want for their potatoes, salads or tacos. For more information on our event catering options, reach out to us today.